The common root of all languages on earth planet - Primitive Language. Original Speech


If we maintained that the languages of native Americans, of Australian aborigines, the Chinese, Hebrew, the Indo-European languages and others all possess the same origin, have all developed from one and the same source, we would meet with disbelief, even hostility shown by the vast majority of modern linguists.


The same would be true, if we held the opinion that the holy scriptures of mankind are only fully understood if we did not understand them word by word, but rather letter by letter, which means, if we attached a certain meaning to each single sound.


The truth of this view shall be demonstrated in the following arguments.


Historically seen, our project is the first attempt to reduce this present "Babylonian" confusion of languages - more than 7000 different languages are known -   and lead mankind to an original-intelligent language that is shared by all.


The original and first language of mankind possessed the total knowledge of each single sound it used, potentially knew its specific meaning, as one can put it, in seed form.




This totality of knowledge is now scattered, and distributed to all the thousands of languages spoken on earth, but now not in its basic form, but in an explicit way, available, as pointed out, in many examples, many experiences, illustrated in the imaginations and visions of all people in the world.


It is easy to explore and verify this, and if one is able to identify the same words in the thousands of languages, one must only put together the immense sum of visions and imaginations associated with them to obtain a picture of the completeness and inconceivable intelligence of the first language.




All this is not very difficult. Our holy scriptures, as the old Indian Rig-Veda, parts of the Bible, the Quran and others are conceived and written on the basis of this universal imagination.


If anything is rewarding, then surely, to reveal and describe this vision. Having achieved this, all science is completed, for in the original state of language everything is planned, fixed and laid down.




It appears easy to analyze this, if one knows the sound relations and correspondences between the languages on the necessary abstract level, and I know them referring to more than 200 languages that are related to different language families of all continents. One can rely on an overwhelming abundance and it is all pure logic, intrinsically interwoven.


This knowledge is superior to everything linguistics and science can generally offer and describe today, so that one feels nearly ashamed of publishing it.


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Walter Graebeldinger




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